The Firm
CAPITAL FOCUS was established in 1999 to provide comprehensive corporate finance and strategic advisory services to companies in the post-angel to pre-IPO phase of their development.

Capital Focus was created to fill a void in the market, providing quality senior level investment banking services to smaller or new economy companies that are being neglected by the larger Wall Street firms. The firm's business is based on promoting a high degree of interaction among the following groups to generate and execute M&A and capital raising opportunities:

Business Principles


At a time of unparalleled growth in the securities business, many firms find it hard to maintain traditional standards of integrity and quality in pursuing client interests. Capital Focus follows a classical model of investment banking, with experienced professionals providing the objective advice that is lacking in many large Wall Street firms.

Be a trusted senior advisor to senior management in creating strategies for enhancing shareholder value
  Bring large firm investment banking skill sets to growth and new economy companies

Generate a high degree of buy and sell inquiries among Capital Focus clients, investors and prospects

Capital Focus was founded in 1999 by Julia Martin to meet the needs of small and new economy companies. With over 27 years of experience at some of Wall Street's biggest firms (including Morgan Stanley, Drexel Burnham and Kidder Peabody), Ms. Martin  believed that she could add greater value by providing similar services in a more personalized way to companies in their early stages of growth and development.

As the Firm developed, referrals from former colleagues, accounting firms, law firms, venture capitalists, and satisfied clients grew significantly, confirming the lack of experienced professionals assisting these early stage companies and reinforcing the idea behind the establishment of Capital Focus. The goal is to be responsive to these sources of opportunity, but selective in assignments, continuing to enhance Capital Focus  reputation in the market and maintaining a track record of successful transactions.

Capital Focus is located in downtown Brusells and maintains joint facilities with affiliates in the corporate restructuring and the investment banking business to provide professional resources to execute a range to provide profesional ressources to execute a range of assignments.